ESPAnet 2016 conference day two

Friday 2 September is the second conference day of ESPAnet 2016. With three paper rounds, two plenary sessions and the conference dinner it is a full but very interesting program. Please see the full program here (pdf) for a detailed overview and pratical information. Do not hesitate to approach the committee members or support staff (in purple t-shirts!) if you have questions or need help.

Corrigendum to the program

The local organizing committee has decided not to print the corrigendum to the full program out of environmental friendly reasons. We will put the latest changes in the program on the flip board behind the registration desk and on the website. There were a few minor errors made when the full program was designed and written. These errors include:

For last minute changes to the program please see below under 'changes to program and presentations'. Thank you!

Updates in the programme

With 200 paper presenters and 50 contributed papers the programme for paper sessions keeps changing. We apologies for any incoveniences that these changes are causing you. Changes that are not in the full program will be communicated on this page and will be put on the filp board behind the registration desk.

Social events

Come and join us at two exciting social events at ESPAnet 2016:

  • On Thursday 1-9 there is a welcome reception from 18.30 until 20.00 at Rotterdam's beautiful city hall with alderman Maarten Struijvenberg of Work and Income telling us about Rotterdam's challenges. Free drinks for all conference participants!
  • On Friday 2-9 from 19.00 on we will host the conference dinner (included in the conference fee) at the football stadium of Excelsior right across the EUR campus. Don't forget to let us know - via the registration - which main you prefer.
Hope to meet you at these events!*

*Please be so kind to wear your conference badge at both events.

Changes to program and presentations

Update for the program 1 September 2016 4:00pm

Contributed papers that have been accepted for presentation

Changes in paper titles

New paper presentations

Late cancellations (authors of contributed and accepted papers

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Please use #ESPAnet2016 prior to, during ESPAnet Rotterdam 2016 and afterwards for your tweets. At you can read all messages sent with #ESPAnet2016.

Keynote speeches

Anton Hemerijck (Professor of Institutional Policy Analysis, VU University), Barbara Vis (Professor in Political Decision-Making, VU University) and Stefano Scarpetta (Director of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, OECD) will deliver keynote speeches during the conference. Introductions to their respective speeches will follow soon.

Re-inventing the welfare state? Pathways to sustainability, equality and inclusion in European welfare states

European welfare states are being confronted with a remarkable paradox. After years of budget cuts, reforms and austerity measures, the means for social policy have become increasingly scarce. Nevertheless, the ambitions of European welfare states are currently higher than ever. The welfare state is no longer only responsible for providing a safety net for social risks, but also propagates the active inclusion of vulnerable people. Under the header of social investment strategies, the emphasis of services and programmes has shifted from ‘preparing’ to ‘repairing’, human capital development has become the pivot of policy design, and welfare states are relying less on social insurance and more on the provision of customised integral services. Read more ⟩

Conference City Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a dynamic and international city where you can positively soak up the ‘can do’ spirit just about everywhere you go. Rotterdam is a major port and has many internationally renowned scientific institutions, a thriving international business community, high culture, architecture and leisure, all in one place. Read more ⟩


For questions regarding the Annual ESPAnet Conference 2016, please contact the organizing committee. The organizing committee consists of staff from Erasmus University Rotterdam:
  • prof. dr. C.W.A.M. van Paridon (Kees): personal profile and website research group
  • prof. dr. H.J.M. Fenger (Menno): personal profile and website research group
  • prof. dr. R.J. van der Veen (Romke): personal profile
  • prof. dr. F. Koster (Ferry): personal profile and personal website
  • T.E.M. Strüwer (Tebbine), MSc