Stream 7

Long-term Care, Employment and the Welfare State

Stream convenors:
Due to the demographic development and an aging population, the demand for long-term care is increasing in many developed countries. These changes challenge the welfare states and its (health) care insurance systems. Moreover, in response to this demographic challenge, the OECD advised member countries to take measures to increase employment to ensure the sustainability of the welfare state. Therefore, many member states conducted
welfare state and employment reforms.

Higher employment rates not only ensure the sustainability of the welfare state but are also seen as important means to increase social inclusion in the society. However, sufficient nursing staff is already on short supply today and therefore the demand for informal care will increase. For individuals this means that they may have to combine care work with labour market participation.

This stream aims to improve the empirical foundation on a micro or a macro level of the relationship between long-term care (policies), the welfare state and employment (policies). 

Potential questions the stream seeks to answer are:
We welcome single country studies as well as international comparisons on the micro or macro level. Of particular interest are studies that approach the subject from a longitudinal perspective.

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