Stream 3

Advances in Active Labour Market Policy Research

Stream convenors:  
In recent years there has been much interest in innovation in ALMPs. This is at least in part a consequence of the mixed results obtained in the evaluations of earlier policies. First generation ALMPs emphasized training, work experience and time-limited subsidies for employers. Since the mid-2000s, we witness the emergence of new forms of ALMPs. More innovative interventions are more varied and try to exploit a broader range of effects. Some of them aim at improving the job search capacity of clients, for example by better exploiting informal networks. Alternatively, some innovative policies have tried to involve employers. Other ones combine several types of ALMPs in one programme (e.g. work experience, training and job search). Some countries have experimented job subsides without time limits for individuals with low productivity.

Against this background, this stream aims to collect studies that relate to the ongoing innovation process in ALMPs. More specifically, we research on the following topics:  
We will give priority to papers that present some empirical data and at the same time help understand the way in which ALMPs can impact on the trajectories of unemployed people.

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