Stream 18

The Travelling and Translation of Ideas: a Cross-National and Sectorial Approach

Stream convenors:
There is wide evidence that hegemonic ideas such as excellence, world class, user-centerdeness, managerialism, performance management, etc. – transcend national boundaries and juristictions. What is less known is how these ideas are adopted and adapted by different sectors of the economy - e.g. health, education, local government - from a comparative standpoint.

The primary aim of this panel is, first, to identify a selected number of dominant ideas or global scripts that cut across various sectors of the economy/society; and, second, investigate, systematically and comparatively, how these ideas have both been adopted and adapted (translated) in the light of sectors’ past trajectories and endogenous characteristics, dominant (institutionalised) and emerging policy and professional logics, and current and future challenges.

The panel appeals to papers that are comparative in nature – covering at least two sectors – and that are either located within a given national setting or transcend national boundaries. Its value added lies on both the comparative nature of the panel as well as its (potentially) novel insights in terms of empirical, theoretical and methodological contributions.

Further, the panel addresses growing external calls for coordination across policy silos (horizontalization/multi-level governance) as well as directly contributes to foster cooperation amongst policy analysts emanating from a variety of sub-disciplinary domains and professional backgrounds. 

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