Stream 17

New Challenges to the Comparative Analysis of Care Policies - do we need New Concepts, Typologies and Methods?

Stream convenors:
As a consequence of reforms in welfare state policies in the field of social care (like childcare, long-term care for older people, care for disabled people), these policies have substantially changed in the last decades. However, welfare states are still confronted with unmet needs and demands, arising from changing gender and citizen cultures, ageing societies, the need to support the competitive ‘knowledge economy’, and in Europe the more recent occurrence of people fleeing war and economic instability. This may lead to further change in welfare state policies.
Such challenges for welfare states include, for example:  
The stream aims to analyse such challenges and the ways in which welfare states react to them with their care policies. Also, the consequences for the structures of care, social inequality, social integration and social cohesion will be explored. We also aim to discuss how this also challenges the traditional theoretical concepts, typologies and methods of comparative welfare state research.  

We invite papers that analyse new challenges to care policies and how welfare states reacted to them. We also invite papers that evaluate the common theoretical approaches, concepts and typologies and analyse how far we need new approaches and concepts.

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