Stream 11

Pension Systems, Old-age Security and Employment Patterns - re-defining a Conjunction

Stream convenors: 
The role of complete working histories and life-time earnings for pension rights and old-age income security has become increasingly important as a result of recent reforms in several pension systems. At the same time, post-industrial labour market transformations have led to increasing incidence of non-standard employment and fragmented working histories. This together with persisting gender and socioeconomic disparities in labour market participation challenges adequate old-age income security and puts pressures for pension system reforms. This stream focusses on the nexus of labour market participation, pension systems and old-age income security from a variety of perspectives ranging from individual-level trajectories to comparative system change. 

The aim of the stream is to shed light on a) the developments of such structural features of the labour market and employment patterns which have both direct and indirect consequences for pensions and old-age income security, and b) pension reforms adapting to challenges of labour market flexibiliza-tion. Pension system design largely determines income distribution effects of employment patterns across gender and socio-economic dimensions, but also features important push and pull factors for (late) labour market participation. 

We encourage contributions on (but not limited to) the following themes: 
Both case studies and comparative analyses are welcome and we especially welcome papers applying a life course perspective. 

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