Saturday 3 September

Paper round G
10:45-12:00 | Room Heidelberg (M1-16)
Paper session G1.2Stream 1 - session 2: The Crisis of the European Middle Class between Rising Inequalities and Spreading Insecurity
Stream convenors: Jason Beckfield and Costanzo Ranci

Paper presenters:
  • Christopher T. Whelan, Brian Nolan and Bertrand Maitre
  • Agnar Freyr Helgason
10:45-12:00 | Room Rochester (M2-10)
Paper session G14.2Stream 14 - session 1: The Basic Income Imperative: Rethinking Equality, Inclusion and Social Innovation Across Europe
Stream convenors: Bettina Leibetseder and Jurgen De Wispelaere

Paper presenters:
  • Jurgen de Wispelaere, Johanna Perkiö, Lindsay Stirton and Samanta Navajyoti
  • Marcel Fink
Contributed papers:
  • Erika Gubrium
10:45-12:00 | Room Aberdeen (M3-03)
Paper session G15.2Stream 15 - session 2: Fiscal and Occupational Welfare in Europe
Stream convenors: Nathalie Morel and Emmanuele Pavolini

Paper presenters:
  • Rui Branco
  • Heejung Chung
  • Dorottya Szrika
Contributed papers:
  • Pieter Tuytens
10:45-12:00 | Room Auckland (M3-04)
Paper session G17.2Stream 17 - session 2: New Challenges to the Comparative Analysis of Care Policies - do we need New Concepts, Typologies and Methods?
Stream convenors: Birgit Pfau-Effinger and Tine Rostgaard

Paper presenters:
  • Fiona Morgan
  • Ricardo Prandini and Matteo Orlandini
  • Rene Torenvlied, Minna van Gerven, Yijia Jing and Ling Zhu
Contributed papers:
  • Renate Reiter
10:45-12:00 | Room Praag (M3-05)
Paper session G21.2Stream 21 - session 2: Housing and the Welfare State after the Global Financial Crisis
Stream convenors: Romana Xerez and Peter Kemp

Paper presenters:
  • Inger Lise Skog Hansen
  • Gerlinde Verbist, Francesco Figari and Francesca Zantomio
10:45-12:00 | Room Franeker (M1-07)
Paper session G23.2Stream 23 - session 2: Social Investment Strategies and Risks over the Life-course
Stream convenors: Merle Zwiers and Ferry Koster

Paper presenters:
  • Stefan Angel
  • Luc Benda, Ferry Koster and Romke van der Veen
  • Sandra Matzinger
10:45-12:00 | Room Lund (M1-18)
Paper session G5.4Stream 5 - session 4: Public Attitudes towards the Welfare State in Europe - Reinventing or Reclaiming?
Stream convenors: Valerie Egdell, Vanesa Fuertes and Helen Graham

Paper presenters:
  • Martin Heidenreich
  • Steven Saxonberg and Tomás Sirovátka
  • Sharon Baute, Bart Meuleman and Koen Abts
10:45-12:00 | Room Harvard (M2-08)
Paper session G8.3Stream 8 - session 2: Relating Social Policy and Social
Stream convenors: Ute Klammer, Simone Leiber and Sigrid Leitner

Paper presenters:
  • Ravit Alfandari
  • Gábor Csomor
  • Helle C. Hansen
Contibuted papers:
  • Marcel Hoogenboom, Rosanne Oomkens and Trudie Knijn
  • Victoria Schmidt

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