Thursday 1 September

Paper round A
14:00-16:00 | Room Rochester (M2-10)
Paper session A10.1Stream 10 - session 1: Migration and the Welfare State - Challenges for Social Cohesion
Stream convenors: Kristian Kongshoj and Troels Fage Hedegaard

Paper presenters:
  • Monique Kremer
  • Marie Valentova
  • Valentin Vogt
14:00-16:00 | Room Aberdeen (M3-03)
Paper session A11.1Stream 11 - session 1: Pension Systems, Old-age Security and Employment Patterns - re-defining a Conjunction
Stream convenors: Susan Kuivalainen and Kati Kuitto

Paper presenters:
  • Bernhard Ebbinghaus
  • Patricia Frericks and Julia Höppner
  • Katja Möhring
  • Valentina Ponomarenko
Contributed papers:
  • Asya Saydam
14:00-16:00 | Room Auckland (M3-04)
Paper session A13.1Stream 13 - session 1: Who Benefits from Family Policies?
Stream convenors: Rense Nieuwenhuis and Wim van Lancker

Paper presenters:
  • Irina Hondralis and Gundula Zoch
  • Tine Hufkens and Gerlinde Verbist
  • Eric Crettaz
  • Sergio Sánchez
14:00-16:00 | Room Praag (M3-05)
Paper session A18.1Stream 18 - session 1: The Travelling and Translation of Ideas: a Cross-National and Sectorial Approach
Stream convenors: Romulo Pinheiro and Karsten Vrangbaek

Paper presenters:
  • Tanja Klenk and Markus Seyfried
  • Tamara Popic
  • Per Jensen
  • Moira Hulme
Contributed papers:
  • Dominik Antonowicz, Romulo Pinheiro and Lars Geschwind
14:00-16:00 | Room Franeker (M1-07)
Paper session A22.1Stream 22 - session 1: Reinventing the Welfare State: comparing and explaining Reform Pathways
Stream convenors: Ludo Struyven and Romke van der Veen

Paper presenters:
  • Adam Stephenson
  • Timo Weishaupt
  • Joanna Kuhlmann
  • Natascha van der Zwan

14:00-16:00 | Room Heidelberg (M1-16)
Paper session A3.1Stream 3 - session 1: Advances in Active Labour Market Policy Research
Stream convenors: Giuliano Bonoli and Flavia Fossati

Paper presenters:
  • Eva Kopf and Cordula D. Zabel
  • Irmgard Borghouts-Van de Pas and Charissa Freese
  • Fabienne Liechti, Giuliano Bonoli, Flavia Fossati and Daniel Auer
  • Siri-Yde Aksnes and Rune Halvorsen
Contributed papers:
  • Daniel Sage
14:00-16:00 | Room Lund (M1-18)
Paper session A4.1Stream 4 - session 1: Making Work Pay - Interrogating a New Welfare State Function
Stream convenors: Jochen Clasen and Daniel Clegg

Paper presenters:
  • Georg Picot
  • Fran Bennett and Jane Millar
  • Peter Starke and Paul Marx
  • Dieter Vandelanootee and Gerlinde Verbist
Contributed papers:
  • Chen Hee Tam
14:00-16:00 | Room Harvard (M2-08)
Paper session A5.1Stream 5 - session 1: Public Attitudes towards the Welfare State in Europe: Reinventing or Reclaiming?
Stream convenors: Valerie Egdell, Vanesa Fuertes and Helen Graham

Paper presenters:
  • Tijs Laenen
  • Christopher Buß
  • Menno van Setten, Marcel Coenders and Maykel Verkuyten
Contributed papers:
  • Tamara Popic and Simone Schneider
  • Anna Shamaeva

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