Friday 2 September

Paper round E
16:30-18:30 | Room Lund (M1-18)
Paper session E10.3Stream 10 - session 3: Migration and the Welfare State - Challenges for Social Cohesion
Stream convenors: Kristian Kongshoj and Troels Fage Hedegaard

Paper presenters:
  • Mayuko Kitai
  • Elif Naz Kayran
  • Jolien Galle, Koen Abts and Marc Swyngedouw
16:30-18:30 | Room Harvard (M2-08)
Paper session E11.3Stream 11 - session 3: Pension Systems, Old-age Security and Employment Patterns - re-defining a Conjunction
Stream convenors: Susan Kuivalainen and Kati Kuitto

Paper presenters:
  • Ilpo Airio and Elina Koivula
  • Jieun Emma Lee
  • Jan Helmdag and Kati Kuitto
  • Anne Skevik Grødem and Jon M. Hippe
16:30-18:30 | Room Rochester (M2-10)
Paper session E13.3Stream 13 - session 3: Who Benefits most from Family Policies?
Stream convenors: Wim van Lancker and Rense Nieuwenhuis

Paper presenters:
  • Anna Kurowska
  • Nadine Reibling
  • Julie Vinck and Wim van Lancker
  • Katharina Wesolowski
16:30-18:30 | Room Aberdeen (M3-03)
Paper session E16.2Stream 16 - session 2: Young People, Welfare Systems and Labour Markets in Crisis - Continuity or Change
Stream convenors: Margherita BUssi, Janine Leschke and Jacqueline O'Reilly

Paper presenters:
  • Jaakko Harkko and Anne Määttä
  • Elke Heins and Hayley Bennet
  • Ruud Muffels, Marc van der Meer, Ton Wilthagen and Sonja Bekker
  • Thees Spreckelsen, Janine Leschke and Martin Seeleib-Kaiser
16:30-18:30 | Room Auckland (M3-04)
Paper session E19.119 - session 1: Health and Health Inequalities - the Role of Welfare State Change
Stream convenors: Nadine Reibling, Sigrun Olafsdottir, Claus Wendt and Kenneth Nelson

Paper presenters:
  • Maria Forslun
  • Kayleigh Garthwaite and Jon Warren
  • Diana Burlacu and Ellen M. Immergut
Contributed papers:
  • Monika Kaminska and Melike Wulfgramm
16:30-18:30 | Room Praag (M3-05)
Paper session E20.2Stream 20 - session 2: Innovative Methods and Attitudes to the Future of the Welfare State
Stream convenors: Peter Taylor-Gooby and Heejung Chung

Paper presenters:
  • Benjamin Leruth
  • Ursula Dallinger
  • Tina Goldschmidt and Richard Janis Goldschmidt
  • Anouk Kootstra and Femke Roosma
Contributed papers:
  • Patricia Frericks, Julia Höppner and Ralf Och
16:30-18:30 | Room Franeker (M1-07)
Paper session E22.4Stream 22 - session 4: Reinventing the Welfare State - comparing and explaining Reform Pathways
Stream convenors: Ludo Struyven and Romke van der Veen

Paper presenters:
  • Bea Cantillon and Herman Deleeck
  • Praticia Frericks, Julia Höppner and Ralf Och
  • Marion Ellison, Vittorio Sergi and Nicola Giannelli
  • Alkistis Zavakou
16:30-18:30 | Room Heidelberg (M1-16)
Paper session E8.2Stream 8 - session 2: Relating Social Policy and Social Work
Stream convenors: Ute Klammer, Simone Leiber and Sigrid Leitner

Paper presenters:
  • Sergio Sánchez
  • Frank Sowa and Markus Gottwald
  • Michelle Beyeler, Robert Fluder and Sonja Imoberdorf
  • Paul van der Aa
Contributed papers:
  • Pawel Polawski

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