Friday 2 September

Paper round D
13:30-15:00 | Room Rochester (M2-10)
Paper session D14.1Stream 4 - session 1: The Basic Income Imperative: Rethinking Equality, Inclusion and Social Innovation Across Europe
Stream convenors: Bettina Leibetseder and Jurgen De Wispelaere

Paper presenters:
  • Olli Kangas
  • Loek Groot, Timo Verlaat and Ernst-Jan de Bruijn
  • Ruud Muffels and Jac van der Klink
Contributed papers:
  • Martin Aidnik

13:30-15:00 | Room Aberdeen (M3-03)
Paper session D15.1 Stream 15 - session 1: Fiscal and Occupational Welfare in Europe
Stream convenors: Nathalie Morel and Emmanuele Pavolini

Paper presenters:
  • Johan de Deken
  • Tobias Wiss and Traute Meyer
  • Chloé Touzet, Nathalie Morel and Michaël Zemmour
Contributed papers:
  • Felix Behling
13:30-15:00 | Room Auckland (M3-04)
Paper session D17.1Stream 17 - session 1: New Challenges to the Comparative Analysis of Care Policies - do we need New Concepts, Typologies and Methods?
Stream convenors: Birgit Pfau-Effinger and Tine Rostgaard

Paper presenters:
  • Janne Autto, Marina Lundkwist, Josefine Nyby and Mikael Nygård
  • August Österlo and Karin Heitzmann
  • Anna Kurowska and Jana Javornik
Contributed papers:
  • Lenka Formánková
13:30-15:00 | Room Lund (M1-18)
Paper session D2.1Stream 2 - session 1: Comparative Methodology - the Potential Outcomes Framework in Social Policy Analysis
Stream convenors: Thomas Biegert and Elias Naumann

Paper presenters:
  • Lukas Fervers
  • Therese Dokken
  • Anne Grete Tøge
13:30-15:00 | Room Praag (M3-05)
Paper session D21.1Stream 21 - session 1: Housing and the Welfare State after the Global Financial Crisis
Stream convenors: Romana Xerez and Peter Kemp

Paper presenters:
  • Michael Byrne and Michelle Norris
  • Christian Lennartz and Rowan Arundel
  • Carolin Dewilde
13:30-15:00 | Room Franeker (M1-07)
Paper session D23.1Stream 23 - session 1: Social Investment Strategies and Risks over the Life-course
Stream convenors: Merle Zwiers and Ferry Koster

Paper presenters:
  • Tess Penne
  • Stefano Ronchi
  • Judith Czepek
13:30-15:00 | Room Heidelberg (M1-16)
Paper session D3.4Stream 3 - sessions 4: Advances in Active Labour Market Policy Research
Stream convenors: Giuliano Bonoli and Flavia Fossati

Paper presenters:
  • Carolina Ohls
Contributed papers:
  • Daniel Frederiksson
13:30-15:00 | Room Harvard (M2-08)
Paper session D6.1Stream 6 - session 1: The Uses of Social Investments and its Critics
Stream convenors: Anton Hemerijck and Menno Soentken

Paper presenters:
  • Yuri Kazepov and Constanzo Ranci
  • Deborah Rice
  • Karin Heitzmann and Sandra Matzinger
Contributed papers:
  • Helen Kowalewska

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