Registration now open + full programme available



The registration for the annual ESPAnet conference 2016 in Rotterdam is now open. We kindly invite convenors and abstract submitters to use the personal link in their registration mail to complete their registration. Co-authors of accepted and contributed papers who did not upload the abstract via the website can register via the form on the website.


The full program including the division of paper presenters per session is available here. For all paper presenters: please be so kind to email the local organizing committee on if you cannot attend the conference so we can adapt the program accordingly and notify authors of contributed papers. Thank you.


There is a wide variety of accommodation available in the city of Rotterdam. Participants in the conference are required to book their own accomdation since it is not included in the conference fee. Please refer to accommodation for a list of hotels that provide discounts for guests of ESPAnet 2016.

Visitors and non-presenters

All the paper sessions at the conference are open sessions which means that we highly encourage audience to take part in the sessions. Non-presenters are therefore allowed to register for the conference too. The same fee applies for presenters as for non-presenters.

Keynote speeches confirmed

Anton Hemerijck (Professor of Institutional Policy Analysis, VU University), Barbara Vis (Professor in Political Decision-Making, VU University) and Stefano Scarpetta (Director of Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, OECD) will deliver keynote speeches during the conference. Introductions to their respective speeches will follow soon.


Re-inventing the welfare state? Pathways to sustainability, equality and inclusion in European welfare states

European welfare states are being confronted with a remarkable paradox. After years of budget cuts, reforms and austerity measures, the means for social policy have become increasingly scarce. Nevertheless, the ambitions of European welfare states are currently higher than ever. The welfare state is no longer only responsible for providing a safety net for social risks, but also propagates the active inclusion of vulnerable people. Under the header of social investment strategies, the emphasis of services and programmes has shifted from ‘preparing’ to ‘repairing’, human capital development has become the pivot of policy design, and welfare states are relying less on social insurance and more on the provision of customised integral services. Read more ⟩

Conference City Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a dynamic and international city where you can positively soak up the ‘can do’ spirit just about everywhere you go. Rotterdam is a major port and has many internationally renowned scientific institutions, a thriving international business community, high culture, architecture and leisure, all in one place. Read more ⟩


For questions regarding the Annual ESPAnet Conference 2016, please contact the organizing committee. The organizing committee consists of staff from Erasmus University Rotterdam: